This section refers to items made of wood.

Wood or timber whichever you prefer to call it comes in a very wide variety of types. To keep it simple, we will categorise it into two main sections - hardwood and soft wood.

  • The most common hardwoods are Teak, Mahogany, Ipe, Balou, Iroko. You come across hardwoods mainly on exterior garden tables and chairs, windows and doors, mainly because they resist breakdown longer and are more durable than softwoods. However, no wood lasts forever and if not cared for it will deteriorate. The key to preserving those wood types is getting a preserving oil into the pores,i.e. into the wood and not on it.
  • Softwoods like pine are mainly found mostly on general applications such as decking, garden fencing, sheds etc. Softwoods need more looking after because they absorb moisture much more than hardwoods.Some items are for professional users and others are DIY Products