We provide different types of systems for all your Structural Masonry Repairs. 

Structural Repair Systems:

1. Crack Stitching Bars are resilient helical-shaped bars to reinforce cracked masonry and to help prevent further cracking.

2. Lateral Restraints tie external walls to structural timbers and partition walls where bulging brickwork is evident.

3. Wall Tying is An advanced drive-in wall-trying system with a self-tapping helix. The patented Drive-Fix offers a quicker, safer and more reliable masonry connecting system.

4. Window Lintel Repair-Remedial masonry reinforcement is widely used for lintel repairs and wall stabilization. This video demonstrates using stainless steel reinforcing bars as a structural repair to form reinforced brickwork and masonry beams able to support masonry above failed cracked soldier courses and masonry arches. Simply grout the structural reinforcement into slots cut in the brickwork. Thor Helical bars provide a continuous interlocking bond connection for an effective and permanent structural repair.