Grout Colour Restorer (White Only)

Tile Guard Tile Grout Coating makes your grubby tile grout look like new again. One of our fastest selling items it is simple and fast to apply.

Unlike the familiar grout pen, the Sponge applicator makes this job comfortable and 3 times faster. Wash grout lines first with bleach and water 50:50 to kill any bacteria, mould etc. Rinse & allow to dry.

Simply run the applicator sponge along the grout lines.

Leave for about 10 minutes and use a soft clean, dry cloth to buff off the excess coating that is on tiles.

Grout will look like new again and lasts for years.

Ideal for Kitchen & Bathroom tiles.

The coating re-whitens tile grout like new and protects it against soil, stains and mildew. Unique formula - penetrates as it dries.

Forms a durable bond with porous grout and is suitable for use on floors and in showers.


Grout Pen


Grout Sealer

If you want your new tile grout to stay looking new for longer you should consider applying Grout Sealer before dirt starts to take hold and ruins the look of your grout.

A long-lasting penetrating silicone sealer that protects grout against stains and water absorption, this penetrating silicone sealer seals grout lines beneath the surface and does not change the colour or appearance of the grout.

Penetrating grout sealer is water-based, applies in minutes with the special sponge applicator and will give your grout long-lasting protection, up to five years in fact at which point it will gradually deteriorate unless you give it a top-up coat.

This grout sealer is also ideal for prolonging the life expectancy of our Tile Grout Coating and is applied after the Coating dries fully.

Ideal after application of Grout Coating (whitener) to extend its life by a factor of three.

One bottle treats grout in an average bathroom.